Snow Dragon

Snow Dragon is excellent. For anyone who hasn’t gone there yet and are looking for a sign to try the Asian frozen dessert and boba place: this is your sign. First of all, I should preface by saying that Snow Dragon is not a shaved ice place. No, it’s better: it’s a shaved snow place and shaved snow is a billion times better. Shaved snow, for anyone who, like me, had never heard of it before, has a smooth and velvety texture that shaved ice is critically lacking but is still light and airy unlike normal ice cream or frozen custard. This makes it a perfect dessert for when you just finished a meal and want something light. I don’t even like snow cones or shaved ice and I love shaved snow.

Snow Dragon has a great variety of favors as well, ranging from the common strawberry, chocolate, vanilla to the less common taro, coffee, mango to some interesting favors like tiramisu. The menu can vary but there’s a good assortment to choose from. You can then pick from a variety of drizzles and toppings (one drizzle and then depending on the size, up to three toppings).

The size of the servings is a great plus. The first time I went with my friends, the three of us picked their largest option, “The Dragon” to share. We got two different flavors of shaved snow with three toppings. Our first hint to the size of the shaved ice was when the manager went to the back room to get another thing of strawberry shaved snow for the machine. The three of us barely finished our order. The next time I went, I split the smallest size with a friend and we were still very satisfied.

Snow Dragon doesn’t just have shaved snow either (although, if you couldn’t tell, I definitely recommend trying their shaved snow). They also have froyo, bubble tea, and even macaroon ice cream sandwiches. So even if shaved snow isn’t your thing, go give Snow Dragon a try!

Hot Plates:

Mango and Strawberry Shaved Snow

Fruity and creaming shaved snow. There’s really not much to say here. Our choice of raspberry drizzle on top and cookie dough, cheesecake pieces, and lychee jelly on the sides.



Taro Shaved Snow

Took Snow Dragon’s recommendation of condensed milk as a drizzle. Our choice of lychee jelly again on the side. Really good.