Prairie Moon

Prairie Moon is a bar and grill type restaurant in downtown Evanston for anyone who doesn’t think Sherman and Groove is too far south from campus or is willing to make the trek. For all the engineers who don’t like leaving north campus, Prairie Moon has a “McCormick” bar that you can drink your exam sorrows away.

I went for the first time this past winter quarter with six friends for a birthday celebration. The trek is too bad although that was before the snow and cold really hit Evanston. The atmosphere was what you would expect from an Evanston bar and restaurant: nice and cozy but a bit dark (so sorry for the grainy photos).

The food overall is decent. There’s a nice variety of seafood entrees, burgers, and salads so everyone found something they liked to try. Their entrées were more seafood focused which was a nice change but they still had burgers and sandwiches that you choose from. The portions for the entrées were pretty generous as well.

I found the food overall to be pretty good but the salt level wasn’t quite to my liking. The appetizer we ordered was amazing and on point but neither of the two entrée dishes I tried quite matched my preference: one was too bland and the other was just a tad too salty for me. Still, it was nice to try some dishes I hadn’t seen before and the variety in their menu was a definite plus.

In my opinion, Prairie Moon was decent but it just didn’t leave such a great impression that I would definitely recommend based off of my taste preferences.

Hot Plates:


North End Calamari

Great savory appetizer to start dinner. The cocktail sauce works wonderfully with the fried calamari. The sweet tomatoes were a great and refreshing addition.



Pine Nut & Sage Trout

To be frank, this dish wasn’t really my personal favorite. The fresh trout was nice and had a toasted pine nut crust but I expected there to be more flavor from the pine nuts but it didn’t really deliver. The sides of wild rice and broccoli were unseasoned which was a bit bland for me as well.




Andouille & Chicken Hash

Spicy sausage and chicken breast with roasted potato hash, onions, and sweet peppers. The flavor profile was great but the dish was just a tad bit saltier than I personally would have liked. Still really good.