Welcome to HotPlate!
We understand that you have questions, everybody does.
We're here to try and give you all the answers!

What exactly is HotPlate?

In an extended sentence, at HotPlate, we believe you should never let a bad dish ruin your restaurant experience - we help people like you discover the best dishes at restaurants through individual dish ratings, reviews, and recommendations. We suggest checking out the "Home" page to find out more about what we do and where were planning on going. If you have any specific questions about us or what we do, feel free to contact us through the "Contact" page.


Wait, isn't this just Yelp?

Honestly, we get this question quite a lot. Here at HotPlate, were looking at food on the dish level. What is the best dish you could get a given restaurant to help you have a better experience with whomever you're with, even if its just yourself. We pride ourselves on finding the best that restaurants have to offer and will always try to promote that over any type of polarizing reviews.


I had a really bad restaurant experience, where can I leave a scathing review?

We're sorry to tell you that there isn't any place on our platform to negatively review restaurants as a whole, and we don't plan on there ever being one. Here at HotPlate, we are trying to promote all of the great food that restaurants have to offer, without creating super polarizing reviews. There is definitely a place for bad reviews to be posted and we believe they are occasionally necessary, but not on our app.


I'm having some problem [x] with the app. What do I do?

If you're experiencing any issues with how the app is operating, we suggest closing and reloading it. If the issue is still present we would love to hear from you directly through our "Contact" page, and will work with you directly to resolve the issue.


What does the "Discover" page do?

The discover page is for all of you exploratory foodies out there. Its all about finding new great food. Abandon the general comforts of search and discover great restaurants nearest you. From Cajun to sushi, this map of nearby restaurants will have it all. Time to go exploring.


So whats the deal with the rated page?

The rated page saves your most recent rating score from all the dishes you have rated. This allows you to go back and quickly see what your favorite meals have been and what you have already tried.


How come when I search, the first dishes aren't the highest rated ones?

The reason you're not seeing the highest ratings at the top is because we also take a number of other things into consideration, such as the number of ratings and distance from you. This way, a small number people rating one dish unreasonably highly will not skew your search results.


Why do some dishes have an N/A next to them?

Here at HotPlate, we refuse to fabricate or let restaurants themselves influence any data. This does mean that occasionally we will not have any data for some dishes. If this is the case we then look to you to be that adventurous foodie who dares go where no foodie has gone before. Get your influencer vibe on, try out the dish, and be the first person to leave a rating


Every time I search I need to reselect filters. How do I get them to stay?

If there are certain tags or filters that you find yourself using a lot you can go into your profile and select these filters to be permanently applied to your search results.


I found a dish that I really want to try but I'm not hungry right now. Can I save it somewhere for later?

Yes, of course! We all run into that "It looks super delicious but I'm not going out to eat now" moment. When you're met with this experience simply click the add to wishlist button under the dish and all of the information will be saved to your wishlist on the "My Dishes" page.


Why Does nothing happen when I click to update tags?

In order to maintain accuracy, we don't allow for any tags to be influenced unless you have already eaten and rated the dish.


Ok, I rated the dish. But when I click on the dietary restrictions tags still nothing happens.

Because dietary restrictions aren't subjective, we don't allow endorsements on them at this time. If you think that we've gotten one of the restrictions wrong, or are missing one, we would love to hear from you directly through our "Contact" page, so that we can address it.


I submitted a picture of my dish but I don't see it in the app. Why not?

We think that high quality and accurate photos are an integral part of helping you decide what you want when you go out. If you've just submitted a picture and don't see it immediately, it is likely that we are still reviewing it. If its been a while and its still not there it is likely there was some issue with the photo that was submitted.


Some of the dishes I wanted to Try disappeared from my wishlist. What gives?

If you eat and rate one of the dishes on your wishlist it gets moved from your wishlist page to your rated page. Don't worry though, if you want to keep it on the wishlist page you can add it back on simply by clicking add to wishlist again under the dish.