About HotPlate

The idea for HotPlate was conceived last quarter in an entrepreneurship class at Northwestern - we all enjoyed going out to eat at new restaurants but often found ourselves with the dilemma of figuring out what to order. Many of us would spend hours researching dishes and still not being able to decide which dish to get when we were confronted with the menu.

We envisioned HotPlate as an app that would help people save time and ultimately money by ensuring that users have a great dining experience at a new restaurant.

Here at HotPlate, we believe in not messing up that crucial first date with a potential soulmate because of unwanted surprise dishes at the table. We believe in not losing valuable time with friends because you're pouring over confusing menu items instead of catching up on old memories. We believe in not spending long hours researching to find that one perfect dish you're craving and missing the reservation time window.

No more hours researching restaurants. No more unwelcome surprises at the table. No more disappointed family and friends.

Let HotPlate streamline your restaurant experience.