HotPlate's 'Definitive' (not) Guide to Brunch

"A Guide, You Said?"

Brunch, the nouveau American obsession, is both art and science combined -- beautiful, addictive, revolutionary, and super contentious. In light of our ongoing quest to find the best brunch spot in Evanston, we at HotPlate conducted some light research all about the essentials of brunch to provide you with a 3-part series that will help you answer questions such as:

  1. "Is it really just breakfast and lunch combined?"
  2. "Can I haz brunch @3pm?"
  3. "What's so English about English muffins?"

...and more! As always, check in every week at, and follow us on all of our social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) to receive constant updates and help us construct this guide! So without further ado, to explain how this is all going to work, we present you the headline of this series' first installment, dropping soon! 

"Essentials: The When, Who and How of Brunch."

Disclaimer: yes, we know that header looks like it might be missing a couple of words; and no, it's not a typo. For the first installment of this series, we're going to explore the conception of this wonderful meal and trace its ascent into the metropolitan weekend staple it is today; specifically: when it was created, who adopted the idea, and how it grew over time. Next time, we'll be dissecting all of the components of classic brunch dishes and analyzing what exactly makes them brunch-worthy. And for the final installment, well, we'll answer the age old question: "why do we brunch?"

Oh, and if you're looking for the 'where', I believe some people in Evanston are running a challenge to find the best local brunch spot. Maybe that'll give ya a clue. ;)

That's all for today, folks! Check in tomorrow on all of the aforementioned channels and take a gander at the prologue of HotPlate's 'Definitive' (not) Guide to Brunch!

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