The Quest for the Best Brunch in Evanston

A Brunch Challenge, You Said?

Folks, we know that brunching is a weekly year-round ritual for many of you, but hear us out -- there's just something super special about enjoying your brunch fare while gazing out at the sunlit streets, that no other season but summer can offer.

We here at HotPlate love a good brunch as much as the next person, so naturally, as summer is drawing to a close, we're embarking on a grand quest to find the Best Brunch Spot in Evanston, our dearest home turf, backyard, and feeding ground. Naturally, we're wishing to gather some help from our lovely community -- you guys! -- and some of our local foodie experts to make sure we narrow down on the best place we can find!

Great. What Can I Do?

8 starting restaurants 3 weeks. 2 steps. And 1 link to press. Oh, and a pretty beta app for y'all to download and tinker with. ;)

But seriously, it's that simple! Instructions are as follows:

  1. Every weekend, several of the best brunch spots in Evanston duke it out head-to-head, competing against each other with 1 chosen dish. 
  2. Your job? Race to [], follow the instructions, and cast your vote bracket-style to determine your personal favorite! Oh, and we'd also love it if you could download our beta app and rate your favorite dishes yourself, to give us an indication of your tastes!

...aaand you're done! That's it! All you have to do is wait and come back next week! We'll release the results at the end of every week, and if your bracket matches the winning bracket, you’ll have the chance to win a $50 Visa Gift Card, so that you can taste the best brunch dishes for yourself! Got it?

Well, what are you waiting for? The theme for this week is Eggs Benedict, the brunch classic, the pre-avo-toast OG. Head on over to [] and cast your vote! 

Finally, we want to introduce some of our food experts who will be working on this with us. They love food just as much as we do - follow them on Instagram to see some of their top recommendations as well!

Tommy Li: @lommyeats

Tommy is a rising sophomore at Northwestern studying Computer Science and Cognitive Science. He started a food Instagram in May 2017, and has been documenting what he eats in Evanston and Chicago while interning this summer at a digital marketing agency in River North. Though he can’t pick an all-time favorite Evanston restaurant, he can be found at Cupitol and Naf Naf more often than he should be!

Abha is a PhD student in the department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at Northwestern. Originally from Mumbai, India, she enjoys traveling, reading and eating spicy food. Her goal before graduating is to try food from thirty different countries (and she’s already more than half-way there!) In her free time she likes mixing her own teas and pottery painting. She makes room for more spicy food by burning those cals by Bollywood dancing.

James Malnati: @jamesmalnati

Born & raised in Chicago, James’ foodie ways began as a way to make his 90 minute commute from high school more enjoyable. After high school ended, he gained a social media following through his food blog, A Very Nice Restaurant, and now is a food instagrammer.

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