Ovo Frito Cafe - What should I eat?

So there is a new breakfast restaurant in Evanston?

If you enjoy Latin inspired brunch dishes, you are going to LOVE Ovo Frito. They recently opened here in Evanston (near the Foster L stop) over the summer.

The HotPlate team had the opportunity to bring some friends along to taste dishes at Ovo Frito. The breakfast restaurant is family-owned and the moment we stepped in we felt taken care of well. Whether you want to catch up with old friends or are looking for a place to eat before tailgates - you do not want to miss dining here.

Here are our Hot Takes:

Cornflakes-Crusted French Toast - 7.0/10


We enjoyed the crunch of this cornflakes-crusted french toast. Stuffed with warm blueberry peach compote, the french toast is a great dish that will leave you satisfied without being too overbearingly sweet.




Chocolate chip pancakes - 7.8/10


The chocolate chip pancakes are a delicious dish to share with the whole table. The cinnamon butter is a great addition!


Zinnia’s Spicy Chilaquiles - 8.5/10


Many of our taste experts announced that this is some of the best chilaquiles in Evanston, if not all of Chicago. Unlike a lot of other chilaquiles we have tried, this one is not too heavy nor salty. It is the perfect balance of tortilla chips, egg, salsa, cheese, and sour cream. The rice and beans also go well with the dish and are very fresh. This is also an amazing vegetarian dish!





Breakfast Burrito - 8.8/10


This breakfast burrito is super flavorful with chorizo, pepper, corn, cheese, sour cream, and fresh avocado. It goes well with the potatoes and is really filling!


Hay Mama Estos Huevos - 9.2/10


This was our all-time favorite dish at Ovo Frito. With a whopping 9.2 rating, this dish will definitely not disappoint you. The dish has a well-balanced ratio of chorizo, egg, cheese, sour cream, and a kick of salsa. If it is your first time dining at Ovo Frito, get this dish!

Hope you make it out to Ovo Frito Cafe over the weekend! You can also get it delivered right to your door through GrubHub.